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Increase your Windows Experience Index or system rating in windows vista artificially

Well it is very easy to artificially raise your WEI(windows experience index) score by modifying the configuration file.

How to Rate Your system in windows vista:

First check your current score. In order to check your WEI score, go to Start >> Computer >> System Properties >> Performance.

  1. Click Rate this computer.Your baseline WEI score will now be set.
  2. In order to raise this score, navigate to the following directory: C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore

    Note: You will need to have your UAC temporarily disabled i.e “disable UAC In vista“
  3. You will get one or more XML files. Open the most recent file in wordpad. Lines 14 – 21 have a simple score on each line with XML tags.Change the score you want to be displayed.
  4. Save that file after editing the value if windows doesn’t allow you to save that file check whether UAC is turn off if not turn UAC off.
  5. Check your WEI score again, you will notice the change you made in that value.

Following the above procedure you can simply change your system WEI index score but just for the sake of viewing actually it remains the same.

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