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Mount / Add Any Folder In My Computer and Control Panel

Folder2MyPc is a FREE utility which allows you to add any folders and programs in “My Computer” and “Control Panel”

You can add,change,remove program shortcut to run any application or mount any folder on your hard drive under my computer, you can also choose how do you want to open the folder you have mounted in my computer in a new window or in the same window.

Application Shortcut In My Computer and Control Panel


free software

Free PSP Video Converter Download

This Free PSP video converter lets you convert any video into PSP format so that you can watch your favourite videos on your PSP.

ALL to PSP converter is designed to convert some of the most popular and widely used video formats into PSP-compatible format and upload them to your PSP at the same time.


It works very faster as compared to other PSP video converters available, as the conversion process is quite fast.

free software

Free Video Cutter

Many of my friends always ask me about a free video cutting programs which could help them cut out the favourite part of the video clip out of entire big video file.

Kate Free Video cutter is a easy to use tool to extract part of the video and save it in the same video format or any other format you like to.


This free video cutter supports the following formats:


Let’s see how can you cut a video clip from a video from a big video clip.

free software

Free MP3 Recorder

Digital Audio Recorder is a free program for windows which lets you record any type of sound from any source you want to record from on your computer.


You can record any thing from your microphone or anything played on your computer in your media player or any where else. It is one of the simplest recording program ever which is so easy in use.

free software

Free Password Protect Files Program For Windows

One of the most important feature which almost every windows user wants in windows is to protect the private files with password. Many people keep some of the very sensitive files on their hard drive and other portable drives which they don’t want other to see.

Androsa (Password Protect Files Via is a free password file protector to protect your confidential documents or any other file with a secret password. It lets you lock any file in windows with a secret password.


When ever you password protect any files with this program it will convert the file into an encrypted file which can be opened only with software and de-protected by entering the correct password. You can select among different encryptions method at the time of password protecting your files with this program.

Let’s see how simple you can password protect any program with this software.

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Free Flash / Swf Animation Downloader

Many times you like some amazing animations on several websites you visit, but you were never able to download those awesome looking animations.But now you can download flash animations from any website using a FREE program called Get Flash Downloader.

Get Flash Downloader is cool free handy tool which lets you download SWF Flash files from any web page on the internet. It is quit simple to use as you just need to enter the URL of the flash file or the web site containing the flash file you want to download.


Gear Flash Downloader is simple to use and effective free tool to download flash file or swf file from internet.

Lets see how can you download any flash file (swf) from internet in 3 easy steps.

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Free Rapidshare Downloader For Free Users

Recently we had written about a free download accelerator for rapidshare free users, which lets you download more than one file simultaneously with out any time lag in between. Today we will tell you about another free rapidshare downloader which lets you download any fie from rapid share with ease. 

Rapid Download is fast, portable and lightweight download accelerator for rapidshare, the use of this rapidshare downloader is quite simple as you just need to copy all the links of the rapidshare files to be downloaded in a file called download.txt and double click the executable of the application rapiddownload.exe 


Rapidshare downloader is very small in size with only 14 KB in size, moreover it also checks whether the file as per the download link is still there on the rapidshare servers before downloading.

free software

Free LAN Search Program – LAN Search Pro

In my last company one of the most amazing time pass things I used to do when I don’t have any work was to look for movies, and songs shared on the company local area network. But browsing every computer shared resources for movies, songs could be really tiring if there are large number of computers to search for on your local area network.

LAN Search Pro is a free utility which lets you search across your LAN network, you can specify the file names or file types you are searching for on your LAN network.


If you want to search for all the movies and songs shared across your company network you can simply type in the search term as


and press the green play button play to start searching.