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Free Avi To WMV Converter

Free AVI to WMV converter allows you to convert any AVI file to WMV file, WMV stands for Windows Media Video, It was developed by Microsoft specifically for internet streaming. You can view WMV files in widows media player which comes default in windows.

The codec required to view WMV files comes already embedded with windows media player but if your windows is quite older you can go for a upgrade to download the latest version of windows media player.


While converting any AVI file to WMV format you can select any bit rate including 256, 384, 768 or the best VBR (Variable Bitrate)

Program interface is quite simple and easy to use, you just need to load AVI files from the specified folder and click convert button to start the conversion.

The time taken for the conversion of AVI file into WMV file depends on the size of the AVI file.

Note: Free AVI to WMV Converter will create the WMV in the same folder where the AVI files resides

Download Free AVI to WMV Converter

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