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Free Music Downloader is one of the mostly used site by lot of people these days for listening to their latest music tracks online, but what if you want to download the same song you just heard at


You can download any music for with the two types of free music downloader which we are going to mention. In order to download music from you don’t need enter your username and password for

Let’s discuss about both of these music downloader’s one by one

1. Last.FM Downloader – It is a FREE programs which will let you download any type of music from depending on the artist or the music tag you specify.


You can download the music just by entering the URL in the following format

For Example:

or you can specify the music tag

For Example:    

All the downloaded files are named as Artist – Title.mp3" and saved in the "Downloaded Files" subfolder in the My Music

Download Last.FM Music Downloader

2. Free Music Zilla Downloader – Free Music Zilla is another free downloader which monitors Internet Explorer and Firefox by default for finding any playing music from to be downloaded.

At the time of installation you can select other browsers like Maxthon, NetScape, Opera, Avant, Safari, Custom and make sure to quit all the browsers before installing free music zilla downloader.


In order to download music from with free music zilla downloader make sure to satisfy the following points mentioned below.

Points to remember while downloading music with Free Music Zilla 

Always run Free Music Zilla BEFORE playing the music in webpage. If Free Music Zilla don’t capture the music, try refresh the page and make sure the music is PLAYING when you download.

The downloaded music file will be in FLV format, so you will need a player like vlc player to play them.

Keep the music playing when downloading, Or the download will be failed.

Download Free Music Zilla Downloader

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Hows the sound quality of music downloaded from ? Can you tell me the bitrate of MP3s downloaded from there? I am into downloading only high bitrate music these days.

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