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Delete Autorun.inf Files From USB Drives Automatically – USBProtect

USB Protect is a FREE utility which protects you from any type of autorun.inf viruses from pen drives. This program runs in the background and delete any autorun.inf files found on your USB pen drives and other portable drives created by viruses.


This program has no visible interface but it keeps running and performing the main functionality of deleting any suspicious autorun.inf files on the pen drive connected to your computer.

USB Protect a completely portable program which can be run from any where on your computer just by clicking the program executable usbprotect.exe 

This free utility saves you from any type of autorun.inf viruses which comes usually from USB pen drives.

We recommend to add usbprotect.exe to system startup so that it  protect your computer from any pen drive viruses. More over this utility is so small that it uses very low amount of memory to run.

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hi i have a 32 gb pendrive kingston if i format means its is formated if i load some data also it show. after when i remove pendrive and insert means its show the empty folde.what is a problem ya plese give me a tip r software to cure r any websites to cure plz plz help me

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