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Block USB Ports With Free USB Blocker

NetWrix USB blocker is a free utility which lets you block any USB ports on one or more computer on your LAN network. It lets you apply a centralised USB blocking to prevent the virus spreading though pen drives, removable drives and other USB portable devices.


NetWrix USB blocker does not need to be deployed on all the computers on your network.

It can be used on local computer also but you will need to enter the domain name as workgroup in order to block the USB ports on a local computer which is not connected to any network.

This tool can is the best easy to use tool for system admin’s which need to block all the USB ports on the network as a part to the security group policy on the network. It uses group policy so you cannot use this tool on some of the versions of windows like Windows XP Home and Windows Home Premium.

Download NetWrix USB Blocker

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