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Free USB Port Disabler Program

Free USB Drive Disabler is a FREE program lets you disable USB ports on your computer so that no one can steal your precious data through pen drives, removable pen drive, memory card and other portable drives.

USB Drive disabler protects USB ports on your computer when you are away, however your USB ports will not be disabled completely as your USB mouse and keyword will keep working. It will disable the USB storage medium only which includes pen drive, ipod, removable drives and other portable USB mass storage devices.


This is quite handy and portable program to use to block USB drives on your computer, you will need to run the tool to disable USB ports on the computer where you want to disable the USB Drive use.

If in any case you want to block the ports on a remote computer on your LAN network then you can use USB Blocker reviewed previously. But for a local computer this program is the best free utility which can stop people from stealing your data.

Use of this small utility is quite simple as you just need to run the program and select the radio button option Disable USB Drives or Enable USB Pen Drives and click Apply.

This program is supported to run on windows xp, 2003 and vista and completely portable tool which can be run from a portable pen drive.

Download USB Drive Disabler

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