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Auto fill up the comments form section in the wordpress blogs automatically to comment better and faster.

Are you really annoyed filling the same information again and again on various wordpress blogs for commenting on these blogs.

I found two types of solutions for this type problem listed below…

1. Use Sxipper to fill them automatically (A Firefox Extension ) .

2. Use Texter to fill them automatically(An light weight application for windows).

1. Sxipper ?

Sxipper is light weight firefox extension meant to automate the task of filling web forms across the web.It is very simple in terms of usage and you can simply set the preferences accordingly.

2. Texter ?

Texter is basically a text replacement application unlike software-specific text replacement features, Texter runs in the Windows system tray and works in any application you’re typing in.

Note: Make sure to select the trigger for the script(a shorcut key)

Download Texter | You will love the way texter works that i am sure.

As suggested by Sahil of we can also automate the processs of filling the comments section in a wordpress blog using a greasemonkey script.

Filling the comments section of the blog using a Greasemonkey script

This small script is been coded by Sahil you have to do nothing other than downloading and installing the script in greasemonkey.

Note: Please modify the script parameters according to you.

Download the Script (Select Save link as) | Install Greasemonkey

Please leave your precious comments about this.

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9 replies on “Auto fill up the comments form section in the wordpress blogs automatically to comment better and faster.”

I didn’t get this. Whenever I try to comment on a blog on which I have previously commented, I get all the things such as name, email, webpage etc filled up. I just need to enter the comment and then submit. I use firefox. Can you please tell me how it happens by itself?

basically it is usefull when u go for commenting on new blogs or on any other old blog after clearing your cookies and history.

other wise search for texter on google u will definitely find ur answer

xypxxbadafwoojsqwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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