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Auto fill up the comments form section in the wordpress blogs automatically to comment better and faster.

Are you really annoyed filling the same information again and again on various wordpress blogs for commenting on these blogs.

I found two types of solutions for this type problem listed below…

1. Use Sxipper to fill them automatically (A Firefox Extension ) .

2. Use Texter to fill them automatically(An light weight application for windows).

1. Sxipper ?

Sxipper is light weight firefox extension meant to automate the task of filling web forms across the web.It is very simple in terms of usage and you can simply set the preferences accordingly.

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Redirect your default Feed to Feedburner feed with FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin

What is the purpose of Feed Burner FeedSmith plugin ?
The main purpose of this wordpress plugin is to redirect all the readers of your blog/site who clicked to subscribe the default feed of your blog so that those users can also be subscribed and those user count could be added to your feed burner subscriptions no.