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What is WLLoginProxy.exe and why it is running?

There are some process in windows which keep on running in the background eating some share of system resources and degrading the system performance.

One of those process may be wlloginproxy.exe which is one of the process which is not useful to any user.

What is Wlloginproxy.exe?

The process WLLoginProxy.exe belongs to the software Microsoft® Windows Live Login Helper or WLLoginProxy.exe by Microsoft Corporation (

Why it is running ?

When ever a user download windows live installer for installing any of the windows live products like live photo gallery , windows live messenger or windows live writer etc.

They need to download wllinstaller.exe which by default installs windows live logon helper as windows live login assistant and it runs every time you restart windows.

Let’s see how can you remove it.

To remove windows live login helper

1. Open Control Panel and double click  Add / Remove.

2. Select Windows live login assistant and click remove. 

Let me know through comments if you still not able to remove wlloginproxy.exe by following the above procedure.

5 replies on “What is WLLoginProxy.exe and why it is running?”

I went to Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs to try to remove wlloginproxy.exe, but instead of “Windows Live Login Assistant”, I found “Windows Live Sign-in Assistant”. Is that the same thing? I’m running Windows XP, SP2. Thanks

plz tell me how i can i open orkut & gmail my company block this site plz help & send ur answer

Thank you very much. This worked like a charm.

I do wish Microsoft would just stick to operating systems and programs. Some of their stuff really messes up a system. Thanks again for the help on removing Windows Live logon.


I have windows vista and I went to control panel,add and remove but it won’t let me uninstall it. Any suggestions on how I can uninstall this?

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