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Assign easy to remember keywords to your bookmarks in Firefox

If are a frequent firefox user, you must be wondering how you can assign small easy to remember shortcut keywords to your mostly used bookmarks.

But why shortcuts for bookmarks ?

Well assigning shortcuts to your mostly accessed bookmarks could save lot of your time and increase your productivity.

How Productive?

A small keyword could be used to locate the website address, instead of typing full address or clicking the bookmark in the bookmark toolbar. 

Lets see how can you set shortcuts for different bookmarks

1. Open Firefox

2. Right click on the bookmark for which you want to set keyword shortcut and select properties.

3. Type the small easy to remember keyword for accessing that bookmark(as shown in the image below) and click Ok.








4.That’s it, now you can type the keyword in the address bar to access the bookmark location or the web site to which bookmark points.   

Tip:  You can also use Google bookmark service to synchronize your unmanaged list of bookmarks which got lost in the crowd among all other bookmarks in firefox

For using Google bookmarks login to your Google account press ctrl+t and type and press I m feeling lucky

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