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Search and Download files on rapidshare with Rapidsearch

Rapidshare is an amazing resource for downloading any kind of stuff from movies, songs, you tube videos, software’s or any shared files. Rapidshare provides one click web hosting as you can put your files online with in just one click.

Note: You can easily delete the uploaded files using the delete link, or it will be deleted after 90 days if it is not accessed or downloaded.

Rapidsearch is a free tool which lets you search video’s , files, audio files, documents, images, programs and applications which are uploaded on the rapidshare servers.


This is a freeware rapidshare searching tool from which lets you search any type of files which you can decide form the file types dropdown box.

Rapidsearch will let you view the files website origin, and view the google cache of the website which is sharing the rapidshare link for that file.

Features of Rapidshare Search Tool : RapidSearch

  • Search Term – Enter the search term which are keywords lets you search with that keyword.
  • File Type Select – Can specify the file type which you want to search on rapidshare servers.
  • Filename Filter – Filter your search depending on the keyword you specify.

Download RapidSearch – A RapidShare file searching tool 

If you are not able to locate something through RapidSearch tool you can refer the links below.

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Above links will let you know about lot of rapidshare search engines which lets you search files uploaded on rapidshare service.

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