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Protect your internet banking passwords from keyloggers with KeyScrambler

Most of tend to worry about if some one could steel our precious online banking passwords, as when you type your password in your browser there may be a keylogger installed on the computer system which keeps running silently in the background.

KeyScrambler is free add on for the browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock browsers, it is free for personal use on these browsers.

It lets you encrypt every single key you press make it impossible to know or read what username and password you have typed. So it will defeat any keylogger installed and will deface the logged key strokes.


Let’s see how to use keyscrambler to deface any keylogger installed on your system.

You just need to install keyscrambler depending on the browser you use, you don’t need to learn anything in order to use keyscrambler to protect your precious online net banking password.

As keyscrambler encrypt every single key stroke so the installed keylogger will record the encrypted keys


As shown in the image above you can select out of Internet Explorer Add on, Firefox Add on and Flock Add on according to the browser you use.

Download KeyScrambler for all browsers | Install KeyScrambler for firefox

One reply on “Protect your internet banking passwords from keyloggers with KeyScrambler”

Nice tool, I usually type unwanted charecters and press backspace while entering a password to make it hard for them to tap. It is nothing for a bit intelligent keylogger. Now this tool should be really useful. 🙂

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