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Get notified when you receive new mail on your pop3 or webmail account

Once we had posted about ePrompter the mini email client which is also a quite good email notification tool.

Today we have come up with a small free email notification tool for your pop3 or web mail accounts like yahoo, hotmail, msn,, excite, or even rediffmail email accounts.


You can also send emails using the smtp settings of your pop3 account or either through your web mail account from pop peeper.

Pop peeper is will let you notify when ever you receive any new mail into any email account which you have configured in pop peeper.

There are some additional plugin’s also available which lets you configure more ways on how to get notified when you got a new mail.

Some Plugin’s of Pop peeper

  • Notification Plugins – Change the way you get notified for a new email arrival.
  • SSL Plugin – Allows secure POP3/SMTP connections
  • PPTweaker – PPTweaker allows you to "tweak" many settings in POP Peeper

We hope you find this small free application pop peeper worth using, give us your comments about it.

Download POP Peeper

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