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Reveal Hidden Process On Your Computer

Process Revealer FREE edition lest you see all the process running on your computer, it list all the process running including all system process, hidden process and all other process which may not have a active window.

If your computer is running slowly there may a process which is utilizing most of the CPU usage, you can find that process using process revealer. It analyse all the running processes with maximum accuracy.


Each entry displayed in Process Revealer is displayed with detailed information about the running process. Process Revealer also lets you locate the location on the process file on your hard disk.

It lets you end any process and delete the file if required in case when you know you no longer need a process to run again so you don’t have to end it again.


By right clicking any process you can End Process, End Process and Delete File or Open File Location for the process.

Note: For all those who are in doubt about Process Revealer , I would like to assure that it is safe and without any adware ,spyware and malware etc. I have also added a softpedia download link from where you can downlaod the tested spyware free versions also.

Download Process Revealer(Direct Link) | Download Porcess Revealer (softpedia)

10 replies on “Reveal Hidden Process On Your Computer”

PrevX Edge says Process Revealer is a “system backdoor”

eSafe says the file is “unsafe”

Several other virus scanners say it is “safe.” (Checked
the it on

Is the file safe?

I mean E-safe said “Process Revealer” was “suspicious” rather than “unsafe.

@Daniel Quackenbush – I have modified the article and i can assure you from my end that process revealer is not a system backdoor or spyware.

Please refer the article again for the same.

As Daniel Quackenbush siad I also suspect this download. According to MacAfee Sitedvisor, downloads from this site includes potentially wanted programs – Jkwebtalks

when u have process explorer then why u people keep on writing useless blog posts by copying software description from the original page

@all others

why it says suspicious is because.. the program uses a deeper layer than what process explorer uses. Technically, it uses Windows API hooks, which are mostly used by viruses.

But the program is harmless. Only by using hooks, it is able to show all process information, even the ones which can be hidden from windows process explorer

name one virus which kills process explorer….there is also the taskkill command which can do the same


Why are you so worried? if you don’t want to use it don’t use it. Let other decide whether they need it or not. When somebody does something useful to others, please don’t discourage him.

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