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Remove Dead Links and Duplicates In Browser Bookmarks

AM-DeadLink is a FREE tool which lets you remove the dead links and duplicates out of your browser bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox Bookmarks and Opera Bookmarks.

Out of your large number of browsers bookmarks you can verify and remove all the unavailable bookmarks and delete them permanently.


AM-DeadLink can also check the URLs from tab delimited text files and URLs from comma separated text files,  moreover you can also download FavIcons for the available bookmarks.

Lets see how can you use AM-DeadLink to check bookmarks on various browsers and download the favicon also for the bookmarks

How to use AM-DeadLink

1. After installing AM-DeadLink, run it and press green colour right sign button right-button  to check all the bookmarks of the selected browser in the dropdown.

2. On the other hand if you want to check all the dead bookmarks and download the favicons also then click the red apple button red-apple

After the scan is complete you can delete the bookmarks from the list which are not found or unavailable.    

Download AM-DeadLink

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