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Reporting live from barcamdelhi3 , part1


New delhi, saturday December 8, 2007

It is a great ambiance around to be surrounded by like minded people who like to connect to the world wide web through the blogs.

A beautiful Saturday morning a drive to Impetus technologies Noida.There we entered the hall and we could feel the air of web technologies all around.


1. GuruGeeks – Building online community of geeks .

2. Amazon – Runing and deploying ec2 on ruby rails.

3. Planning poker – Agile estimation for Dummies. -> Estimation on software development life cycle.

4. -> Ajay Jain – 4Ps of blog marketing. -> All about how to promote or market your blog.


Stay tuned for more live updates. Lot more to come including a presentation by Amit Agarwal from

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If you could please correct the name of the company that organized it (it’s spelled wrong).. very unfair to the organizers.. n maybe give em a backlink (not that it matters!)

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