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Reporting live from barcamp3, part2

Its going great so far, there are so many eminent bloggers around, some budding bloggers and some who would like to become bloggers after attending this camp.

We just came back from lunch organized at barcampdelhi3 at Impetus Technologies Noida .

Just before lunch we had a session by Amit Agarwal on Building a successful blog which is a great presentation which he might be sharing on

We are having a presentation going about Delhi bloggers, who are a group of active bloggers in Delhi.

And rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words, lets have some pictures from the event. I will be sharing lots of other pictures from barcampdelhi3 very soon…







From Right – me( , amit aggarwal( , sorry but i don’t know this person name. {a pic from barcampdelhi3 with amit}.

barcamp blogging

Reporting live from barcamdelhi3 , part1


New delhi, saturday December 8, 2007

It is a great ambiance around to be surrounded by like minded people who like to connect to the world wide web through the blogs.

A beautiful Saturday morning a drive to Impetus technologies Noida.There we entered the hall and we could feel the air of web technologies all around.


1. GuruGeeks – Building online community of geeks .

2. Amazon – Runing and deploying ec2 on ruby rails.

3. Planning poker – Agile estimation for Dummies. -> Estimation on software development life cycle.

4. -> Ajay Jain – 4Ps of blog marketing. -> All about how to promote or market your blog.

barcamp blogging

Delhi Barcamp3 is coming very soon…3 days to go.

May be i am the last person to say about delhibarcamp3 which is going to held on 8th december at Impetus Technologies Noida.

Volunteering first time to be a part of such an event i have also put my name to be one of the live blogger’s there to blog the entire event live just on the spot so, it will be fun.

As per technology it seems to be good event where lot of technology related discussions are going to happen lets see 🙂