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Delhi Barcamp3 is coming very soon…3 days to go.

May be i am the last person to say about delhibarcamp3 which is going to held on 8th december at Impetus Technologies Noida.

Volunteering first time to be a part of such an event i have also put my name to be one of the live blogger’s there to blog the entire event live just on the spot so, it will be fun.

As per technology it seems to be good event where lot of technology related discussions are going to happen lets see 🙂

At the time of blogging the event lively with all the latest photographs and discussions going on, my main areas of interest would be:

  • How did you Automate your life? Efficient use of IT to automate the redundant daily tasks.
  • How to make your blog stand out, and attract tons of visitors.
  • Going Mobile – taking your online products to mobile

So there is lot more fun still to stay tuned and be there if you really love technology like me..:)

One reply on “Delhi Barcamp3 is coming very soon…3 days to go.”

Hi i read this message on your web site i am also working in IT sector as technical Supporting engineer as Admin in Noida BPO (company)i am managing there 120 computer with firewall,
i want to be also join your this 8th dec event.
so pls repply me how can i join this event.
Harsh Bedi

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