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Remove/Uninstall AVG With AVG Remover

Some times the anti virus itself becomes a big problem when we try to remove them and install any other anti virus program other then. Same is the case with AVG Free Antivirus which does not remove completely from your computer and leave some traces in the form of registry entries which are not deleted after normal uninstall.

Some flies and registry entry created by AVG Antivirus still remains which can be removed by FREE AVG Remover Tool ( via ) which is specially designed to remove all the parts of installation of AVG antivirus including registry entries and files on the disk.


This program is really helpful to clean all the traces which are left behind or just in case if you want to uninstall the AVG Antivirus program completely from your computer for any reason.

Download AVG Remover Tool (32 bit) | Download AVG Remover Tool (64 bit)

4 replies on “Remove/Uninstall AVG With AVG Remover”

well if you try to remove avg and install another antivirus like kaspersky it complains about another antivirus beeing installed. the thing i did was to open regedit and completely delete the key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/AVG Antivirus”. When you do that all is good…

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