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Check If Internet Connection Is Working or Stopped

Many of my friends asked me how can they get to know at any point of time whether the internet connection is actually working or stopped. My simplest answer to this question to them is that you can ping any of the sites like or to check whether the ping comes back.

But some of people don’t know what do I mean by ping, as they are layman’s and not aware with these command prompt commands. For all those who don’t know about ping command and its use can use a small free utility which lets you find out whether you are connected to internet on your computer.


DiamondCS NetCheck allows you to quickly test the status of your internet connection by attempting DNS resolve and TCP connection tests. You just need to run the program and click Start button to check for the internet connection status.

By default it runs 4 tests on two sites including and, however you can specify your own sites.

If you are connected to internet it will display ALL OK message in the DNS Resolve Test and TCP Connect Test. 

Download NetCheck

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