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Remove Ads from yahoo messenger 9 final version with A Patch

Yesterday, we wrote about how you download the full offline installer for yahoo messenger 9 final version released.

Today, we have come up with a solution on how can you remove ads from yahoo messenger 9 final version.

With A-Patch for yahoo messenger you can remove the advertisements and also run more than one instance of yahoo messenger 9


One of the good option provided with a-patch for yahoo messenger is you can any time undo Remove Advertisements from yahoo messenger and Polygamy ( open multiple instances of yahoo messenger ) any time by selecting the check shown in the image above which says Undo the above options.

A-patch is cool small freeware which does not need to be installed, it works fine with yahoo messenger 8 and I have just tested it with the latest version of yahoo messenger just released i.e

Download A-Patch for yahoo messenger 9[ Link Fixed ]


We have just received some comments form the users saying a-patch for yahoo messneger does not work properly, so it does not remove ads then try this new tool just released, Y.AddsRemover 1.00: Free Download

Download Y.AddsRemover 1.00

15 replies on “Remove Ads from yahoo messenger 9 final version with A Patch”

Try this methode:

1. exit yahoo messenger
2. open file hosts from C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
3. add 1 line, and write this :
4. save & close

Hope its works for you.

tried it but the ads are still there…weird. i also tested yahoo messenger tweaker and it works but i cant access any plug-ins. anyone knows how to remove ads without me being unable to use the plugins

LOL!!! The old method of editing the registry works!

1. close all yahoo messengers that are running (i mean kill all, not close all)
2. open regedit
Start > Run > Type “regedit” (without the quotes)
3. navigate to:
4. look for “Enable Messenger Ad” value
5. modify the vaule
0=disable (ofcourse you want it disabled so modify it to 0)
6. press F5 to refresh registry and close it
7. open yahoo messenger and it loads faster without the ads (also, it does not steal focus anymore like the beta)

it worked fine until i had it reinstalled. now, it does not work actually, the ad-removal i mean. but polygamy still works thought

yep, it wont work. it will only be a while and the ads will come back. the newest version is going to be another obstacle for patch makers. it may be different than the others again.


Make a patch urself! That’s what the comments are used for, to talk about it to help others. If you’re o-so amazing, why are you even here? Better look at the mirror first before you look at others. We all have one thing in common and we can’t make it ourselves.

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