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Download Hibernate, Shutdown Screensaver for windows and save energy and power

There are lot of times when we start our computer and after sometime left it running with all the applications opened as we may have some other important work.

In that case when you leave your pc running and you want all applications to keep running, then this free hibernate Screensaver could be very useful to save a large amount of energy and power.

Hibernate Screensaver

Hibernate - green 

Hibernate Screensaver will hibernate your computer after 2 minutes from the time when computer becomes idle, all your applications will kept in running state and your computer will enter a suspended state and will get hibernated.

The hibernate Screensaver will display the reverse countdown displays number of seconds left to hibernation, which you can terminate the countdown by deactivating screensaver.

Note: You will need to have hibernation option enabled on your system, other wise hibernate screensaver will move the system into stand by mode.

How to enable Hibernation Feature

1. Open Start >> Control Panel, Locate power options and double click

2. Now, Click the hibernate tab and check the box which says Enable hibernation


3. Click OK

Shutdown Screensaver

Shutdown screensaver on the other hand powers down your computer after 2 minutes when it becomes idle, works like a charm on all the windows versions.

Shutdown Screensaver-for-windows

Just like Hibernate Screensaver, Shutdown Screensaver also displays the number of seconds left to shutdown your system, but again you easily terminate the countdown by deactivating the shutdown screensaver.

We hope you like these cool energy saving screensaver’s we recommend downloading these screensaver’s and save some energy by making efficient use of power for your computer. 🙂

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Thanks for this. We all are feeling the effects of rising household bills and any savings are welcome. It of course also helps the environment. Google also has its own energy saving screensaver. Darkoogle uses 59 watts as opposed to 74 watts for its traditional homepage. If all internet users switched imagine the savings!

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