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Recover Web / FTP / POP3 / Email passwords with SniffPass

It happens, when we forgot our email passwords after sometime configuring your email accounts in pop3 email client, as the most of the application like ftp clients, pop3 client offers the feature to remember the password.

Just as all these applications offer to remember passwords which makes us lazy and set the option to remember it. Now, the main problem occurs when you may need to reconfigure these type of application some where else or on the same system for any reason.

SinffPass is small nifty freeware by Nirsoft which comes to rescue in these type of situation. It listens to your network and capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter.


SniffPass can capture the password of the following protocols includes POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP and HTTP or even web email account password which involve basic authentication.

It will recover ftp account  password, pop3 account password,  IMAP account password and http account password also if it is based on basic authentication.


SniffPass capture passwords on 32-bit Windows operating system including Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, but you need to have WinPcap capture driver is installed and should also work properly with your network adapter.

How to use SniffPass

Note: If you have Windows 9x, Windows NT or Windows XP with sp1 you need to download and install WinPcap capture driver from here

1. Otherwise download SniffPass from here and run the executable file of sniffpass (SniffPass.exe)

2. Press the play Play button on the opened window of the application as shown above.

You may need to run your pop3 client or ftp application and SniffPass together in order to recover your password.  

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