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Deface your keylogger with Fool Keylogger’s logs 1.0.0

Well its quite serious when you find a keylogger installed on your system, it could happen when you use your computer in a shared environment, with your brother or some friend.

Now, when you know there is some keylogger installed let’s handle it intelligently 🙂 So that that you can make the life of person seeing those keylogger logs confused and more harder to understand those logs with fool keylogger’s logs.


Let’s how can disturb those key logs with fool keylogger logs.

1. First you need to download the Fool keylogger Logs from here

2. Then you need to run it, and enter the fake window name, as shown in the image above and click Start Monitoring ( as shown in the image above)

Feature List of Fool Keylogger Logs

  • It has Icon tray support
  • Fake Monitoring system
  • Add your fake window username  


Most of the keylogger’s are developed in such a way that in order to log the keyboard activity they need to know where you typed the keys,window name etc.

With Fool Keylogger’s logs you can easily deface any keylogger installed on your system.

After running this application while typing, it will disturb the keylogger logs which get recorded by the keylogger application.

[ Download Fool Keylogger’s Logs ]    

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