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Mz Services Manager – Free Application To Enable and Disable Services In Single Click Quickly

Mz Services Manager is a Freeware which let you enable or disable the running or stopped services in windows, this tool works on all the versions of windows released after windows xp, however you would need .net framework 2.0 to run this application on xp.


It allows you to customize the running services in windows and save it as a profile, so the next time you apply that profile all those disabled or stopped services will be terminated automatically.

Moreover you can optimize various windows vista services features like


1. Disable Computer Browser

2. Disable Windows Update

3. Disable Server

4. Disable DNS client

5. Disable DFS Replication

6. Disable IP Helper

7. Disable Workstation

8. Disable Windows Time

9. Disable Diagnostic Policy

10. Disable Distributed Link Tracking Client

11. Disable Windows Error Reporting Service

12. Disable Windows Firewall

13. Disable Windows Search

14. Disable Windows Defender

15. Disable Ready boost and lot more other useless features that can be turned off to increase running speed in vista.

Download Mz Services Manager

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