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How to steal the desktop wallpaper in windows xp from it’s default location

Have you ever wanted the same wallpaper that you have seen on your friend’s computer but your friend may not want to give you that wallpaper 🙁

Do you know that windows caches and stores the current desktop wallpaper at a specific location for the current user logged in.

In order to get the wall paper go to the location path given below.

Path: "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft"

Replace the username in the above path and copy this path in the address bar of windows explorer and press Enter.

You will land up in a folder by above path containing the current set desktop wallpaper as a file named wallpaper1.bmp 

Copy the wallpaper1.bmp to your pen drive or any storage media and say 😛 to your friend but don’t let him know about the wallpaper location.

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Thank you! This is an excellent thing to know for IT support, when you need to migrate an important user to a new computer as painlessly as possible, without copying over their whole profile.

really a tons of thanks for this info as it saved my critically important picture……
thankyou dude……

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