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By pass download limit restrictions and access any blocked site with ultrasurf

After a long time a good proxy software has forced me to write about proxy related stuff, this one is called UltraSurf which is best tunnelling software I have used till now.

Previously I had written about JAP which is again a good tunnelling software to access blocked sites but has some connectivity issues some times when connecting to proxy servers and little bit slow at the same time.

Ultrasurf is a easy to use proxy software, as there is no need to install it, just double click the program exe to start it and it auto configures the Internet Explorer and start it also with a home page as google search in Japanese language.

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What you can do with Ultrasurf

1. You can access any website form your office ,college or from anywhere you want irrespective of the security policy and blocking method.

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2. You can also download any thing from any where irrespective of the download limitations set over your network.

As you can see in the image below, you can select in between three proxy servers to connect for opening blocked sites with ultrasurf.


You can check the checkboxes under preferred as shown in the image above for different proxy servers. If yo are pecifically looking for orkut proxy tricks, here they are Working Orkut Proxy Tricks

Other good to use features of ultrasurf includes the following.

  • Close IE automatically with ultrasurf exit.
  • Set IE proxy automatically.
  • Delete history automatically when program exit.

Download UltraSurf

If you have any problem in using ultrasurf please let us know through your comments I would love to help you.

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We have received some comments from the readers that they are not able to download Ultrasurf from the application website.

So, for all those who are facing problem in downloading can download from the alternative link given blow

For all those who are facing some problem in using UltraSurf can refer our another post on http tunnel which also lets you browse blocked web sites.

143 replies on “By pass download limit restrictions and access any blocked site with ultrasurf”

I’ve been using ultrasurf with out a problem for several months however for the last week or so I have been unable to read emailos in my hotmail account. I get a mesage saying “We can’t connect to Windows Live Hotmail right now. Please try again later”. is anyone else having the same problem?

please i have dowloaded Ultrasurf 9.2 but i can go to check my mail in yahoo, hotmail, etc.
please help me.

hi i want to open the orkut site in dubai its blocked please ultrasurf is not opening please send me suitble software so i can open orkut


I also facing the same problem as Mahesh

Mahesh on January 13th, 2009 | 3:31 am Most of the time page is toto this http://ultra/wujie99.htm going address and showing ‘Request URL not supported’ how can retrive from that.

these days ultrasurf 9.2 not working for me. i can connect to internet via ultra but not able to download files from any free host eg; rapidshare and also, i m not bale to login any passsword username protected websites. i input username and password and it redirects me somewhere else..referrel sites. same with rapidshare and free hosts also.Any solution?

just downloaded the 9.2 version and cannot connect at all..keeps on telling me that it failed to connect to server..i really need this software..any help will be appreciated..

Recently when i use UltraSurf the following message is shown:«The requested URL is not supported».What can i do to solve thise problem?pleas guide me

can you pls send me the proxy site to open the orkut in uae to my email id sunilravi1 it isa gmail account

My ultrasurf doesnt work, cause my system uses a proxy with authentication. Is there a way to bypass this. Plz let me know. ASAP

when i try to download the newset version it says “authenticaiton required” then asks for username and password. i thought this program is free!allen

please send the ultra software to my mail i cant download it.all the sites or links you have given on your site are blocked by the administrator here on our please send the software on my mail.
best regards

hey people ive tried to download the setup but somehow the linked sites are blocked in my school, id really appreciate if someone sent the setup to my email account plase:


mail me the solution “”

Hi admin ,,,please please, I mant you to solve the freqent proplem which appears every time I try to access any blocked site ,Thera is a messege appears >>>>> the requested URL is not supported

hi abisek i am using for ultrasurf but this is not connect properly but always its showing done with error page please can u help for me

yo, having a problem with u94,it says something about there not being an internet connection, it is probably because admin found a way to block it, is there any way to bypass this. let me knw please. thanks. njoy

hi there ,, pllz i need help downloading this software ,, im in the uae and its blocked ,, plz send the software as an attachment to my e-mail ,,

wow of all the things i thought couldn’t be regulated is actually regulated in the 3rd largest country in the word china it’s pritty sad how the government snoops into people s personal lives

Pls let me know some updated software which can not be Identify by Trend Micro version 10

now available version 9.5 and Trend Micro says that’s clear 😉

also try

# JAP Anonymity
# SimonTools CyberGhost VPN (Hide Ur IP)
# Mask Surf Pro 2.0

Ultrasurf software download link is blocked now what?

and my Ultrasurf 9.3 is also not working in my office PC.

I tried using Ultrasurf 9.5 and now my office PC is not able to open my yahoo email. It gives me the following message:
“Sorry, Bad Request. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.”

Also, I cannot use my webcam with yahoo IM if I activate Ultrasurf. What is worse is that since I used Ultrasurf I cannot connect to internet anymore without using Ultrasurf. Im stuck!!!!

Any help I can get will be very much appreciated. I will be accessing your answer from another computer that I have not used Ultrasurf with so you can email me at

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