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How to access blocked or restricted orkut or any site with proxy but without using any proxy servers for free.

A lot of people here in india and in other countries has become so addictive to orkut that they have become so curious to know every minute whether did they receive any new scrap.

So What is the Problem ?

The main problem that now a days orkut has been banned in many of the corporate offices and other institutions due to which people are not able to access orkut.

So people use various proxies like..

  2. Kproxy

But normally these “servers are overloaded with chunks of traffic please try after sometime“.

“So today i am going to tell how we can access orkut with proxy but without using any of the above proxy servers”

In order to access blocked or restricted orkut without using any proxy servers you need a proxy or anonymous program like JAP(JAP — ANONYMITY & PRIVACY).

How JAP Works ?
It acts as a local proxy between the browser and the insecure Internet. All web pages requested by the browser go directly to JAP, and are multiply encrypted and request goes through a mix cascade being formed by the user itself.

Note: In short it makes your system to act as a proxy server for you.

How To Do Use JAP to Access Orkut:

1. Firstly download JAP from here and install it.

2. Disable the windows firewall Control Panel>>Windows Firewall (Select the OFF option to disable the firewall ) or disable any other firewall if installed on your system.

Note: If you don’t have any firewall ignore the step 2.

3. Start JAP and Complete Start Up wizard by first selecting the language.

3.1 Now click next and select the green option among the radio buttons in the next two upcoming screens.

3.2 Now just click next and next to simply end the wizard.

4. Configuring your browsers

4.1 For Internet Explorer

a) In Menu Bar of IE, Go To Tools>Internet Options and click the Connections Tab.

b) Click Lan Settings and Select the Check box which says “Use a Proxy server for your Lan” and Enter the follwing info in the boxes.

c) Address: , Port: 4001

d) Click ok.
4.2 For Firefox

a)Go to the menu bar “Tools”, choose the submenu “Options”. The settings window will open. Choose the “Advanced” category and then the tab “Network”

b) To change the proxy server, click on the “Settings…” button. In the new window that opens, choose “Manual proxy configuration”. Activate “Use this proxy server for all protocols” and enter “” as the server and “4001” as the port (without the quotation marks).

c) Click ok.

5. On the JAP Interface Click on the Services Drop Box.(As shown in the image below).

Note: This software allows to you to use Mix Cascades both ways by paying money and for free also so Don’t select cascades with cost as they will ask for money.


So Select any of the network in the Mix cascades without costs or Single Mixes and check the connectivity status(As shown Below the anonymity meter should be above ok or above it and if it is not try other network from the list).


6. Thats it. Done!

Now Open the Browser(IE Or FireFox) which you have configured previously and access orkut by simply entering the url and it will be accessible with complete functionality .

Please Note:

If you face any issues or problems in following the procedure or configuring the browsers or software to access the blocked sites leave a comment here I will answer your query asap.”

72 replies on “How to access blocked or restricted orkut or any site with proxy but without using any proxy servers for free.”

a word about web proxies…

the 2 you have provided .. both have the keyword proxy in the domain..its blocked in most places..pls give me some others. or update tht list pls….

@ Loius , hey budy the pagemod is also not work only main page gets open and then after it shows page can not be displayd….. can you pls help if you have any alternate….


Iam no expert in web proxies..i just got the site i usually open it.. click on orkut pic and browse..

at what instance you get the page not found.
Since u got the first page naturally the rest should work.

there is also a heuristics checking in it..
u saw tht text in orange box try clickng on it..and u can contact teir support at all the te info i have

hai….JAP is really gr888…..thnx a lot for the information…
i face sum pblm with JAP.
its rarely getting connected.
and once its connected it work for hours widout any issues.its taking many hours to get connected.
since its working i thnk there is nothing wrong with the settings and all.
but sumtymes its not getting connected at all even if after waiting for hours
kindly reply me

Please provide me new and latest proxies on above mentioned email id to use gmail, yahoo,rediff and orkut.

Proxy should be like no one can block it(easily).

Provide me new proxies after eveery few days so that i can use them and tell them to my friends also…..

(For your advertisement too)

hi i want to open orkut on my university bt we dun have rights to install sumthin….n we cant make changes to firewalls….so how do i open orkut…??

I can’t access sites with a proxy. But also I’ve done it with VPN protocol. OpenVPN which I use is suitable for mobile devices and giving an encrypted channel. It works better than proxy with it lags. VPN has stable connection and teams support.

well i m able to access orkut using proxy server all suggested by u all people,but not able to post scrap or update any thing please help

i am maximum try to open to orkut, but every time orkut is not open, buz our co. restricted the sites, pls can u help me to open to orkut if restricted the all sites

hi…m not able to access orkut or facebook from my office. pl help.even JAP download not happening, as its not connecting to even that site…


another program for doing this is ultrasurf.I tried it to access blocked sites .

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