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Hide your important data in a bitmap image file with portable SteganoG


If you ever want to transfer some very confidential data of yours, you can do it so smartly with a freeware SteganoG which lets you hide any kind of data in images.

What is SteganoG?

SteganoG stores confidential data of all types into a bitmap image apparently remains unchanged. It is provides a powerful compression and image quality will also allow you to store large amounts of data.


As seen in the screenshot above you need to browse the bitmap image file and also locate the data file to hide and click the Hide button.

Some other features of SteganoG includes

You can further explore the settings to configure the following things

  • Hide Data in: It lets you decide how much data to hide per byte.
  • Hiding: Compress or Encrypt data while hiding.
  • Send with E-mail: It also lets you send the final file via e-mail.


Image Credit: Softpedia

We hope you like this small and light application to hide data, if you have anything to say please leave a comment at the end of this post.

[ Download SteganoG ]

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