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Avoid hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del or window + L key to lock your computer


Most of use computers in such an environment that sometime when we leave our computer ideal, we need to make sure that it is locked.

I have seen people normally by press three keys Ctrl+Alt+Del altogether and then press Lock Computer button.

So, locking a computer will require both of your hands on the keyboard (shown in the image below) although some people can do it with one hand only. 


Another shortcut in windows to lock your workstation is by pressing window key + L key which is much faster than the previous one.

But there is one more way to lock your workstation which is again more faster than these two mentioned.

Let’s see the third method to Lock your windows workstation instantly

When press the above to keyboard shortcuts, windows fires a command.

This command uses a file rundll32 located in windows\system32 to lock windows

What is rundll32?

RunDLL32 is used to run DLLs as programs. It Runs a DLL program. This command is available on all version of Windows from Win95 onwards, but the DLL’s and options including locking a windows computer.

But you can also create a shortcut on your desktop to lock your workstation instantly with in a mouse double click.

How to create shortcut on your desktop to lock your computer? 

1. Right Click on the empty area on the desktop and go to new >> shortcut

2. Copy the command written below as the target for shortcut in the location text box

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

3. Give the name to the shortcut and press OK

Now, you can use the shortcut created to lock your computer speedily. We hope you like this small tweak.

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hey, nice tip. But, I am happy using the ‘Win Key+ L’ option. I don’t like to click a button every time to lock my PC. 🙂

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