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Minimize any application to system tray in windows with TrayIt


You may have felt the need sometime to minimize an application in windows to system tray to save some space on your taskbar, but you can’t as there is no option in windows to minimize any open application in windows to do it.

TrayIt is a light and free application which lets you minimize almost all the application on windows to minimize them to system tray.


TrayIt! saves the space on the Taskbar. Each application which applies TrayIt creates a small icon in the System Tray. (System Tray area is located near the System Clock).

When any application’s window is minimized the icon of the application appears in the system tray. You can double click the application icon in the system tray to maximize it again.

Some Other Features of TrayIt 

Put any window in system tray by keeping down the <ctrl> button when minimizing the window

To permanently keep an application window in system tray , right click on the application icon created in the system tray and select "Place in System Tray" in the popup menu.  


For those application which does not have the standard Minimize Button as there in normal windows application can be minimized to system tray through TrayIt application Interface shown below which will appear if you select TrayIt! Application…


It can further customize the TrayIt by selecting following options from the "Edit/Options" menu

– Load TrayIt on StartUp

– Single Click Action – by double clicking the icon on the system tray

– Group Similar Tray Icons for Each Application

– Minimize application When in Foreground, activate when in background

Note: TrayIt! is absolutely FREE also adware, malware and virus free. 

[ Download TrayIt ]

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Thanks for this man. Quite useful for me who always has his taskbar full of opened applications. This could help me free up some space 😀

minimize xp is a very good places the minimize2tb just beside the minimize button

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