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Greasemonkey “gmail skins” scripts to customize gmail interface to make it look smarter

Lots of people including me are just bored of seeing the same gmail interface again & again. Gmail itself doesn’t offer any customizations on it appearance.

But don’t worry there are other ways to give gmail a different look to make it look much better both in terms of functionality and appearance.

You should have Firefox with greasemonkey preinstalled.

Greasemonkey scripts for improving the gmail interface appearance are listed below:

1. Gmail Air Skin | Install it

Tip: On Windows XP fonts look different with anti-aliasing effect (Desktop Properties > Appearance > Effects > Use … smooth edges … > Clear Type)

2. Gmail Full Width | Install it

Makes conversations occupy full width by removing advertisement block on the right. The four links above the ads are kept and placed conveniently next to the conversation title.

3. Google Mail Customize | Install it

With this script, you can :
– Hide ads
– Hide bookmarks (at the top of the page)
– Hide Labels
– Hide Invites
– Hide Low bar (action bar repeated at the bottom of email list)
– Hide footer (Copyrights, etc…)
– Modify button style (flat and black)
– Make you email body wider
– Show storage use in left menu
– Change background color for email lines (default : white)

Simple to configure, you set 1 for Yes or 0 to No.
4. New Skin “Pupis” for Gmail | Install it

Another cool looking skin for gmail.

But if you still think that you don’ t want to install these scripts for gmail there is another way to improve the looks of gmail mail interface.You can also use a firefox addon to enhanace the appearance of gmail interface called Gmail Skins

If you know any other way of improving the appearance of gmail mail interface let us know through coments.

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