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Complete list of greasemonkey new orkut scripts for orkut freaks part 1.

There are lots of grease monkey scripts available for doing various things like adding a customized signature , fetching the the fast and last reply of a community topic with in one click and so on…

So today i am going to list some of very usefull scripts being used in orkut by a large number of orkut freaks now a days.

Requirements for these scripts:
You should have firefox and greasemonkey preinstalled.
Note: Install Greasemonkey if you don’t have it.

Some of the mostly used orkut scripts are…

Orkut Photo Customiser – Orkut Script: It Customizes The Orkut “Who Do You Know?” Photo, as per YOUR NEEDS!!

Orkut Scrap All Addon – Orkut Script: It Adds an extra functionality to your Orkut account by which you can send scrap to all your friends with an ease!. Scrapbook and Profile Links – This little script adds links to your Scrapbook and Profile to the top of all pages.
Easy Scrap (Bypass the Orkut Image Verification) – Orkut Script: This script disables the Link and thus no need to enter the word verification ever again.

Scraps Friends Lite (v 4.4) – – Working Version – Orkut Script: Send Scrap To all/selected friends with this working and convenient version of Scrap Friends Lite! with just a single Click.

Orkut Quote – This script adds a button “quote” that allows you to quote messages from topics and pools with a simple click.

Auto Join Community on Orkut – Automatically join Communities.

Orkut Pics Enlarger! – This script is for all orkut user! This one basically replaces, all small pictures in orkut with their bigger counterpart.

Orkut – confirm profile view – Avoid appearing in profile recent visitors from someone because of accidental clicks. This script displays a confirmation box when clicking on a orkut profile link.

Interactive Community Flooder – A script to send an infinite loop of messages to orkut communities.

more orkut tips & tricks and orkut hacks coming soon…

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7 replies on “Complete list of greasemonkey new orkut scripts for orkut freaks part 1.”

i am sam..
someone ignore me on orkut..
now i am unable to send scraps to that person and i am also unable to see the scrapbook of that person.
please tell me is there any trick available so that i may be able to send scraps and to see the scrapbook of that person.

Dear friend,

I really need to hack someones scrapbook in Orkut,
its now a matter for the stabilization of a relation
I have already installed Firefox and Greasemonkey and all i need is a proper Script

Plz plz plz

I will greatly appreciate and you will become my hero!!!

i want to hav the script to delete scraps in orkut. i hav already installed grease monkey
kindly help

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