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Get orkut scrap alerts from orkut to directly to ur desktop…

When it comes to the notification of orkut scraps some good application is desired that could notify about the scraps in a particular orkut profile.


When i searched about this i found lots of programs like scrapboy ,orkutcute and also some firefox extensions like orkut helper but all these application does not prove to be a better solution as some of these application eats chunks of memory and cpu usage while the others require browser to be opened all time.

But there are applications like Orkut Alert 0.8 alpha which does not consume lot of memory and also sits on your desktop tray silently which always notifies you about any new scrap much faster than any other program.You can also select the notification sound but it should be a .wav file.

But there are some issues still associated with it like the one listed below but i hope it will improved with the passage of time.


This error or message could be considered as a security constraint being implemented in the application.

Downlaod Orkut Alert Alpha 0.8

[ via Orkut Alert Blog ]

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3 replies on “Get orkut scrap alerts from orkut to directly to ur desktop…”

I want to be notified of my scraps without logging into orkut
But the process mentioned r quite hectic
Can u tell me a simpler way?

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