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Latest Top 6 Most popular orkut tips & tricks for orkut freaks.

Day by day orkut is becoming more n more popular with new and improved features…so its time to list mostly used orkut tricks used by a lot of orkut lovers these days.

Top orkut tips & tricks used mostly are…

1. Knowing a person email id in Orkut.

  • Ignore the person in orkut you want to know the Email id.
  • Open your Gtalk with same account as for Orkut.
  • Go to Settings -> Blocked. in gtalk
  • You will see the email id of that person.

2. Write Anonymous Scraps to anyone at orkut

  • Create a fake account at orkut
  • Write the scraps to the person you want.
  • Delete the account and your scraps will become anonymous at orkut.

3. Finding those who has a crush on you in orkut.

  • Add the one you think might have crush on you.
  • If that person have already added you to their crush list , you will get an email.
  • delete all from your crush list.

4. Write a Blank Scrap to anyone in orkut.

  • Delete everything in the text box field.
  • Now holding “alt” key down press 0 1 7 3 one after the other from left to right.
  • That it..done
  • Click Post Scrap or Submit.

5. Writing your text in reverse order at orkut.

  • Type your text in the scrapbook.
  • Type & # 8 2 3 8 without spaces before the message.
  • Click Submit or Post scrap.

6. How to by pass the verification image while posting a url in a scrapbook in orkut.

  • Change http to HtTp and www to wWw.
  • Now post the scrap
  • No Verification now needed.

more tricks about orkut coming soon..

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