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Add Blog Feed & your Picasa or Flickr Albums with Your Orkut Profile

Today when i logged in my account at orkut i noticed a new option below in orkut profile menu called “edit feeds“.

Don’t get confuse of this edit feeds with orkut scraps through feeds because it is something different from that.

What is the meaning of “edit feeds” in orkut ?

This is a new option being available to all the orkut users which allows you add your blog feed.If you have used same email account for orkut and blogger it will automatically shows your blogs which you can add by simply clicking the add button on the right .

Even if you have a blog other than on blogger like a wordpress blog or any other platform based blog by specifying the feed url or just entering the direct url of your blog compatible with rss 2.0 feed.

(See the snapshot below…)


You can also add any of your web album on flickr or picasa by entering the public url path of your album.

I have added Technix Update and my Flickr album in my orkut profile.

Check out my profile to see how it goes.

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