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Most Usefull greasemonkey scripts for orkut freaks

Orkut is one of widely growing social network of different peoples with different languages and thinking together but there is lot more to improve as the current interface of orkut is not much better in terms of functionalites and navigation point of view.

As there a particular user has to make lots of clicks in order to reach a person scrap book and same is the case with album and composing a message and other most required features.

So, Today i am going to tell you the most usefull greasemonkey scripts for orkut…for those who don’t know what what is greasemonkey all about.

What is Greasemonkey ?

It is a small extension supported in both firefox and internet explorer 7 which customizes the way a webpage being displayed on the client machine means your computer.

So all these scripts require greasemonkey to be preinstalled in your web browser.


For Firefox Users: Install greasemonkey by clicking here.

For Internet explorer 7 users: Install greasemonkey by installing ie7 pro add on by clicking here.


All the scripts providing different functionality is mentioned below install them according to your choice.

1. Orkut one click scrap v 3.0 | Install it

Just one click to view your friends scrapbook, album and favorite videos.This script adds three links to the link pointing to the profile of any user. These three new links point to Scrapbook, Album and Favorite Videos of the given profile.

2. Orkut Script : Topic’s Last Page | Install it

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite script which allows us to go to the last page of the topic directly.This script basically adds a “+” sign after every post in a community, clicking on which you directly go to the last page of the topic skipping that opening topic and pressing last option hassle.

3. Orkut – confirm profile view | Install it

Avoid appearing in profile recent visitors from someone because of accidental clicks. This script displays a confirmation box when clicking on a orkut profile link.

4. Orkut Plus – Scrap All | Install it

Just worked on it. Sends 400 Scraps to your friends and rests for 20 mnutes. This is raw! needs some work on. Some essential data to be added so wait a while…b4 using it…

5. Orkut Script : Auto Add Signature Below Your Scraps | Install it

This is an updated version of a script, which auto adds a signature whenever you write a scrap. So no more clicking that signature link again and again.

6. Orkut Scrap Formatter With Signature | Install it

This Scrap Formatter is the Best you can get for Orkut,,, Download this script and then open it in edit the signature and past you own signature…You can Encrypt or Decrypt your message

7. Launch Talk for Orkut | Install it

A Script that add a button to launch GTalk bellow of the normals left menu buttons of the Orkut.

8. Orkut Pics Enlarger! | Install it

This script is for all orkut user! This one basically replaces, all small pictures in orkut with their bigger counterpart!

It does not resizes pictures locally BUT fetches bigger picture from orkut server automatically!

More Scripts coming soon…

If you like these scripts or want to suggest some more usefull scripts please leave your precious comments…

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I never known about it before visit this site….
Its valuable in formation…..
And the steps given above will be very easy to follow…and install it…
Thanks a lot….

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