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Free Notebook Battery Monitor Application

Many times you feel the need to have a separate battery monitoring application on your laptop, as you tend to forget about the low status of your battery.

There are few FREE applications available on web which lets you monitor and alert you about the remaining battery status, we are going to review these applications today.


There are two most simple and popular programs which will tell you how much power is remaining in your laptop battery. We have already written an artcle baout a FREE utility which alert on low battery on notebook.

Let’s discuss both of these programs one by one

1. PowerCircle – This is really innovative and an amazing program to monitor the battery status of your laptop, it displays the remaining battery status on the form of a incomplete circle.


PowerCircle provides transparent background, different sizes ad color customization, it blends into the desktop as if it a part of desktop or a desktop icon itself.

Download PowerCircle

2. Power Meter Plus – This battery monitor application is again cool FREE program to monitor the remaining battery status. It does not require any installation can be run as a portable.


Power Meter Plus will display the battery monitor in the left or in the right corner on your desktop. It will also display the battery level on even on charging time.

Download Power Meter Plus

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