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Fast and Quick Downloads in FireFox

Faster and quicker downloads in firefox is something which attracts every firefox user, we have already written an article about a firefox add on which lets you speed up downloads in firefox.

Today, we are going to list some of the useful extensions which will further help you to manage downloads in firefox more easily and quickly by providing various useful features, you can install all or some of them as per your requirement.


By using these extensions for firefox you can save lot of your time which you spent managing downloads in firefox.

Let’s discuss about these extensions for firefox one by one.

1. Download Sort – It is most useful extension for downloading in firefox with which you can automatically save downloads to different directories according the the different file extension.


That means you can specify to download images to different folder and other .exe or setup files to a different folder.

2. Download Statusbar – You can view and manage all downloads going on from your firefox Statusbar without accessing the download window.


3. Auto Close Download – Closes the download dialog when the last item is removed from the list. This works on the cleaning up button and even when the downloads are removed individually.

Although you can also set to close download window automatically after completing downloading.

To set the option go to tools >> options >> General Tab


click the option which says Close it when all downloads are finished ( as shown in the image above )

4. Clean And Close – Cleans completed, cancelled and failed downloads from the download list and then closes the download dialog.


All these extensions are really useful to handle many things related to downlaoding in firefox.

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