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Download free greasemonkey scripts and hacks for enhancing the functionality of your browser.

Presenting you the top five greasemonkey scripts which are pretty useful in our day to day netsurfing i hope you may find them intersting…


For using these scripts you need to have firefox installed at your machine and also greasemonkey extension should be installed and if you don’t have firefox or greasemonkey extension pls install them first.

Get Firefox / Get Greasemonkey

Here they are….

Quickly look something up in wikipedia, a dictionary or whatever you like (its easy to add custom sites!). The result is displayed directly on the page.
Description: You select a word, and it will be looked up immediately. Which dictionary is selected depends on customizable keystrokes

Install LookItUp

2.Google More
Expands Google’s “more” dropdown. Links to new window.

Description: Expands Google’s “more” dropdown to include more Google search services.Links to new window.

Install Google More Direct Download
Adds links to the .torrent files on

>> It does not need the RefControl firefox extension.
>> Faster than the other script.
NOTE: Not all popular sites indexed by have been implemented.

Install Script

4.Remove Ads from My Yahoo Beta
Remove Advertisement from My Yahoo Page

Install Remove ads From Yahoo Beta 

Allows you to easily zoom Google maps beyond their normal limits.

Description: A combo box is placed on google maps pages ( so that you can zoom the maps over the default limit, 19.

Install Gzoom

Plz Leave ur precious comments about these scripts or any other script that should be added in the above list.

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