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Download Free Extended Task Manager For Windows

Windows Task Manager is not sufficient when you want to know the in depth details of the running programs on your computer like disk analysis, detailed network utilisation data, locate a running process.

Free Extended Task Manager allows you implement all these functionalities in your windows task manager

Disk Input/Output Analysis – To monitor which applications utilize most of your disk at the moment


Network Port Monitoring – Lets you see who is connected to different ports of your computer and which server ports you are connected.


Locate Running Process – Lets you locate the path location for any process running in windows.


Features Of Extended Task Manager

  • Displays disk input/output activity
  • Displays network port activity with IP addresses of external computers to which you are connected
  • Get to know all files locked by a selected process .
  • Allows you to freeze any process 

Download Extended Task Manager ( This is a FREE Software NOT PAID )

7 replies on “Download Free Extended Task Manager For Windows”

This is only a free trial, and installs an intrusive advertising for more of the companies products, that runs constantly in the background. Also, the link at the top of this page does not work as of 9AM EST 3 Jan 2009.

Whoops. When you follow the link, the extended task manager will be the fourth down on the page. It IS NOT a trial and does not install any intrusive software. The Extensions for Windows software listed at the top is the one that is suspect, and a trial. My apologees for any misleading information.

Hey, that’s okay. You put in the work finding and testing the software so you can be forgiven any errors.

@Thomas – Yes, This is a free software not paid – the extensions are paid when you buy them. I have updated the article about the same. anyways thanks for digging so much.

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