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3 Ways To Free Up Your Disk Space

For those who are noticing the some what delay in my posting frequency I would like reveal, I have recently purchased a new iPhone 3G 😛 so was more excited in playing with my new iPhone. But from now on I will be disciplined again and will be posting frequently.


Today, I have come up with three amazing free softwares which help analyse files sizes more deeply and helps you free up your disk space. All these program which I am going to mention will be very helpful to clean the drives which are running out of space.

Let’s discuss about all these programs one by one and have a comparative review among these free tools to free up the disk space.

1. Free Disk Analyser – Disk usage analyser helps you locate some of the largest file on your hard disk which you may not need and delete to free up a good amount of disk space. You can easily locate the large files like photos,video and other hidden files which you can delete.


2. TreeSize Free Version – It is another free software which lets you speed up the hard disk more easily and faster, it will track down the folder size of all the drive which you scan and you can delete any files and folders from the software itself.


3. JDiskReportIt another wonderful free software which enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and it helps you find obsolete files and folders.


Out of all these free programs I found TreeSize Free best which is easy and faster in use and operation as compared to the two other programs.

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