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Auto Clicker Typer – Record Clicks and Typing and Replay To Automate Any Action On Your Computer

Auto Clicker Typer is a free to use tool which lets you record all the clicks and typing you do on your computer and replay it to do every action you had performed.


This means that just by recording all the clicks and mouse actions you can automate all the actions which you had performed while recording this software.

To start the program you just need to click the Record button on the program interface, in order to repeat what you have done you just need to click the Play button, you can stop any time by clicking the Stop button.

You can define custom hotkeys to play the record script and also set a specific amount of delay in between the consecutive clicks.

Auto Script Keys

It also provides a feature called Auto Script Keys. By this you can set hotkeys for upto 10 different saved scripts. This means whatever you are doing if you need your favorite script to run, you simply need to press its hotkey.

Note: This program is free from any kind of adware, spyware and malware etc

Download Auto Clicker Typer

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