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RamDisk – Create A Virtual RAM Storage Drive On RAM Memory

RamDisk or RAM-Disk is a FREE to use software which lets you create a virtual storage drive which is very much similar to other logical drives on your computer and more faster in operation with access time of files greatly improved. You can access the files or folders located on your drive very faster as compared to the hard disk drives.


As shown in the above you can choose the size of the RAM drive you want to create in between the standard sizes starting from 360kb to 3gb, choose the media type in between RAM Drive, Fixed Media or Removable Media  – that means that RAM drive will be simulating a hard drive which works is the best way as it displays the new drive under My Computer for easy access.

In order to make RamDisk drive work you will first need to click the button Install Ramdisk


Click Install this Driver Software anyway, after Ramdisk driver is installed you can create RAM drive which will act like a normal logical drive, how ever the contents of the drive will be lost after computer restart.

To create a RAM drive select the size of the drive, select the drive letter and click apply and then Ok button at the bottom of the program interface.


It will prompt you with a small message box saying success, then you can access the newly created RAM drive from its drive letter like any other drive on you computer.


Download Ramdisk | Alternative Download Link

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