Welcome 2008 and 2007 round up

Hi , to all the readers of Technix Update , wish you all a happy and a prosperous 2008 ahead.

Technix Update had gone through much up and down in the first half of 2007 ,when I lost almost all the post database of my posts and had to start from the scratch ,but with time it attains new heights both in terms of traffic and readership got PR5 with increased traffic.

I have learned a lot from 2007 will use it in 2008, I will try as much as possible to keep posting about the topics as per readers interest.

Proposed Plan for 2008:

In 2008 I will try to post more innovative and new computer tips and tricks with all type of geek’s articles , I will try to protect the blog from any other different topics other than computers as much as I can, and put more quality on the topics on which .

In short you will see Technix Update implementing as said: Computer Tips & Tricks Blog to a great extent.

Lets have a quick round up for Top Posts of 2007

  • How to access blocked or restricted orkut or any site with proxy but without using any proxy servers for free.
  • How to install windows xp in dual boot configuration on your computer with pre installed windows vista without any software.
  • How to create a simple fake virus for windows by using the nircmd utility by
  • What is cftmon.exe and how disable the service to stop it using the system resources.
  • Give a makeover to your boring windows xp desktop and make it look like vista.
  • How to create ultra hidden system folder in windows xp and vista.

    I would love to receive some suggestions ,ideas for Technix Update from the readers so if you have any please leave your precious comments at the end of this post,do let us know about any thing that I should improve on.  


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