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Protect your privacy by running firefox and IE7 without add- on’s

Secure Browsing

What does this mean?

If you have ever done online banking ,paid your house hold utility bills from your internet bank account ,or you may have used your credit card to purchase something from online products websites like ebay etc you may be aware of this term.

Let me ask one more question on this…have you ever used firefox or internet for doing these secure transaction’s.

If your answer is No then its good but, If Yes is your answer then you should know that performing transactions using these browsers is not at all safe as your browser may be used to get your own confidential personal data.

But you must be wondering now how would you perform online transaction then without using any of these browsers.

Well you can also use both firefox and internet explorer without add on’s more securely for activities like online banking.

Using Firefox in a Secure Way:

1. Right click on the FireFox shortcut

2. In the target path append -safe-mode

For Example: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -safe-mode

3. Now start firefox with this shortcut you had changed and select the check box which says: Disable All Add-ons

Using IE in a Secure Way:

Internet Explorer 6.0 always runs without add-ons by default even then you can view the add-ons currently enabled in your internet explorer by the procedure given below.

1. File Menu>>Tools>>Manage Add-ons

2. In the opened window you can enable / disable add-ons.

If You are using Internet Explorer 7 then to start IE7 without add-ons follow the procedure given below

1. Press Window+R

2. Type iexplore -extoff or append -extoff as shown below in the path of the ie7 shortcut.

3. “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -extoff

One reply on “Protect your privacy by running firefox and IE7 without add- on’s”

I have tried to setup Firefox in a secure way as you recommended and in the short cut target path appended -safe-mode. but have not found where to check “Disable All Add-ons” in the short cut. Can you make your instruction a bit more elementary? Thanks.

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