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ViGlance – Windows 7 Taskbar In XP

One of the most amazing feature I liked in windows 7 is it most useful and productive taskbar which consist of iconized taskbar items which can rearranged when and how you feel like arranging them.

The most amazing thing about the windows 7 taskbar is that it no longer displays the name of the programs, on the other hand it displays only icons by default which provides more space for other programs and opened windows to fit in


It will replace the normal taskbar of windows xp with this windows 7 like taskbar which is more beautiful and manageable for different windows and  applications opened. It provide more space and good look feel as compared to the boring looks of windows xp taskbar.

Some Exclusive Features Provided By ViGlance

1. It replaces the ugly looking start button with cool 7 orb replica button

2. You will get 48 x 48 vista / window 7 icons in the taskbar

3. Each opened application shown on the new taskbar will have it own space

4. It implements a transition effect system called “Glide”. This is based on the Aero peak feature from Windows 7.

Download ViGlance [ via webtrickz ]

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@Satbir – It does not consume a moderate amount of CPU, so you have average good amount of memory and good cpu – i would suggest u to use this tool

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