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Twin Searching – Search and Compare The Search Results Of Two Search Engines For The Same Keyword

Twin Searching is a free utility which allows you search and compare the search results of two search engines for the same query. It will show up the search results in a dual frame pane of the default browser configured on your computer.

You can carry out the search in any 2 search engines you select from the list as right now it allow you to select more than two search engines.


With in three easy steps you can search and compare the search results for the same keyword with dual pane in your system default browser, Lets see how

1. Type in the keyword you want to search for in the selected 2 search engines

2. Select any two search engines in which you want to search the same keyword.

3. Click the third number button which says: Find with the selected search engines i


After analysing the search results for the keyword abhishek bhatnagar it was so obvious that google search results were much better than yahoo for the same keyword.  

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