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Tweak your common dialogs placebar with PlacesBar

When ever we browse or locate any application or file we do it through windows common dialogs box. Windows Common dialogs (Open and Save) have a PlacesBar that appears on the left side of the dialogs.

PlacesBar is small freeware program which lets you tweak and customize these locations on the place bar in the windows common dialogs


It lets you customize the location to a system folder, such as desktop, My documents, My pictures etc.

It is simple free program to re-order or customize the places bar in the windows common dialogs boxes.

You can also place any folder path by using the option for drive or folder for selected place

Before Using PlacesBar


After Using PlacesBar


This application is quite easy to install and use, and we have tested Places Bar, It does not contain any spyware, adware and malware.

Download PlacesBar

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